Monday, October 20, 2014

New Product - Lap Buddy XL

Introducing Lap Buddy XL

Our Lap Buddy XL measures approximately 13 inches by 19 inches.  It is made with the same cuddly soft fleece as our original Lap Buddy.  Lap Buddy XL is designed to fit across the lap of a larger child or adult.  Lap Buddy XL is available in 3, 4, or 5 pound weights.  Cost is $35.00

Lap Buddy is a wonderful product for children with sensory processing issues, autism, ADHD, and other processing issues.  The weight provides comfort and stability.  The softness provides calm, soothing effects for the child.  Lap Buddy is also beneficial for elderly people with dementia, Alzheimer's and anxiety.

Contact me at for more information or to place an order.  Our products are also available for purchase online at

Original Lap Buddy on top of Lap Buddy XL

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