Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime fun

It is mid-summer and if your house is like mine, the fun of summer is starting to wear off.  Being out of routine is not something that my daughter, Madeline, enjoys at all.  That means it is time to introduce lots of fun sensory activities to help balance out the anxiety of being out of school and out of routine.  Our Sensory Stitches products are created to adapt to all kinds of different activities.  For example, our Stretchy Tunnel is a very fun tunnel to crawl through, but why not make it part of an obstacle course? 
Here's a creative idea...  Do you have a long hallway in your house?  Put small items in a basket in one room at the end of the hallway.  Then have your child take them one by one through the tunnel to a basket in another room at the other end of the hallway.  They can carry them in their hand, pocket, etc. to be able to crawl through.  You could put a suitcase in one room and pretend you are packing for a trip.  The amount of proprioceptive input our Stretchy Tunnel provides is wonderful!  It is also a motivating way to get a lot of motor planning and muscle toning work done.  My daughter does not like to do motor planning activities, but when proprioceptive input is involved, she is super motivated to work hard!
Another fun activity is to put a ball in the middle of the Stretchy Tunnel.  Hold on to one end of the tunnel and have your child hold on to the other end.  Move the tunnel up and down to bounce the ball.  You are working on bilateral coordination and gross muscle strengthening all while having fun!!
These are just a few of many ideas of the fun ways you can use our Stretchy Tunnel to have fun with your kids this summer.  We have many more products to provide you with endless possibilities of sensory activities for the rest of your summer and beyond.  If you would like more ideas or would like to know more about our products, check out my other posts or e-mail me (Jami) at

My son, Kyle, crawling through our small size Stretchy Tunnel