Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NEW--Stretchy Tunnel!

Introducing our Stretchy Tunnel!  Made from material similar to that used in swimsuits, it provides stretch in every direction for great body work, motor planning skills, and proprioceptive input!  The stitching is reinforced with a stretch stitch to stand up to all kinds of use.  We are offering 3 different sizes --
Small (orange) --  5 ft. long and 18 in. diameter          $35.00
Medium (orange) -- 10 ft. long and 18 in. diameter    $55.00
Large (green) -- 10 ft. long and 21 in. diameter)         $65.00

The Stretchy Tunnel doesn't look like much when it is laying around, but it becomes great fun when crawling through.
Almost out....
Crawling through--the tunnel stretches to match your child's body size and shape.
That was fun!  I love Stretchy Tunnel!

Please see below for our other great products!  For questions or to place an order, contact me at sensorystitches@gmail.com.